About Us

Rollin & Lori Haywood-Mains Ministries is a non-profit organization that’s financially supported by contributions from partners of the ministry. Through God teachings, their ministry is dedicated to spreading God’s Word  through the world by livestreaming, podcast, tv, radio, live conferences, books, and this website.
Rollin & Lori Haywood -Mains Ministries is an extension of their heart for the kingdom of God.
Lori has had a fire in her bones to spread the uncompromising Word of God since 1987, the year she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior. Rollin has come with the same vision and the two of them are unstoppable.
The passion is to equip the sons and daughters of God with the revelation knowledge of who they are in Christ, to teach them how to walk with boldness and confidence and then discover their purpose, so they can accomplish what God has called them to do.