The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 3 of 5

We are seated with Christ! Live and learn how to rule and reign in this life time in Jesus Christ!

The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 2 of 5

What is Authority? This series is packed with revelation of who you are in Christ! Take on your life with power!

The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 1 of 5

Fall of Man and What Happened? These insights will give you a clear understanding of what happened when Adam disobeyed God.

The World’s Trinity! Pt 3 of 3

How to live outside this world’s time and have more than enough to  a  accomplish your dreams! Listen to this revelation from the Lord!

The World’s Trinity Pt 2 of 2

How to live in abundance here outside of this world’s time, money and pressures of man! Listen to this  powerful revelation from the Holy Spirit!

The World’s Trinity! Pt 1 of 3

A powerful revelation on how to live in abundance in your life out side of this worlds time, money and from mans approval.

Fear! Why Am I Afraid! Pt 1

Fear is not an emotion it is a negative spiritual being. Listen to this message to learn how to overcome all fears in your life!

Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is the key to having a peaceful, powerful life full of the strength of God’s power! Listen to this wisdom on the Word of God!

What Is The Gall of Bitterness? Pt 3 of 3

The gall of bitterness is one of the most deadliest poisons Jesus had to confront on the cross. Listen to this powerful message on how he defeated it.

Do You Live With the Gall of Bitterness? Pt 2 of 3

Bitterness in your life will destroy your joy, peace and health! How to overcome this negative seed.