The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 5 of 5

Did you know that God has mysteries? Find out what and why?

The Authority of the Believer’s Pt 4 of 5

How to exercise your authority in the earth as a believer in Christ with power!

The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 3 of 5

We are seated with Christ! Live and learn how to rule and reign in this life time in Jesus Christ!

The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 2 of 5

What is Authority? This series is packed with revelation of who you are in Christ! Take on your life with power!

The Authority of the Believer’s! Pt 1 of 5

Fall of Man and What Happened? These insights will give you a clear understanding of what happened when Adam disobeyed God.

The World’s Trinity! Pt 3 of 3

How to live outside this world’s time and have more than enough to  a  accomplish your dreams! Listen to this revelation from the Lord!

The World’s Trinity Pt 2 of 2

How to live in abundance here outside of this world’s time, money and pressures of man! Listen to this  powerful revelation from the Holy Spirit!

The World’s Trinity! Pt 1 of 3

A powerful revelation on how to live in abundance in your life out side of this worlds time, money and from mans approval.

Fear! Why Am I Afraid! Pt 1

Fear is not an emotion it is a negative spiritual being. Listen to this message to learn how to overcome all fears in your life!